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RE-OPENING: November 1, 2020 (tier 2)


People get a massage with specific goals in mind, a stiff neck, aching back or for relaxation so naturally I tailor the massage to address those initial concerns.  While massaging the whole body I do find more areas where tension has built up so I often hear "I didn't know I had tension there as well".  I love when that happens because....

An awareness between body & mind has the client noticing what they hadn't before, like limited movement or tender joints.  Massage slows you down enough so you can hear your body speak, allowing you the opportunity to address what may be causing you continued tension, fatigue or pain. 


If you notice yourself thinking any of the below..... 

...  My body is stiff when I get out of bed or chair

...  I can't get enough zzzzzzz's

...  I'm stressed out or short tempered 

...  My back is in so much pain

... All my muscles are aching

please give me a call....


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